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The Exams Office provides support and resources for new exams officers...

The Exams Office is the only organisation offering such bespoke support for those new to the role, including training events specifically geared to those recently appointed to the post of exams officer/manager.

The Exams Office is about supporting you in your everyday role

 Support for new exams officers

The Exams Office appreciates how daunting the exams officer role can be for those new to the post. For members who are newly appointed exams officers, support documents and resources can be accessed via the links below.

A guide to support a new exams officer starting their new role; the guide can be used at any point during the year. The information contained in the guide is designed to help a new exans officer drive forward their own induction in their centre. 

  • Exams key terms glossary (free access to all)    To be re-published in August 2018

When dealing with exams/assessment there are many key terms/acronyms which are used and need to be understood. This glossary is provided to help exams officers understand the 'language' of exams and assessment

Monthly support guides

These guides explain the key aspects of the role and the key tasks/key dates of the exams management and administration process that should be focussed on each month.

Each guide will be published by the beginning of the month it relates to.

For further month to month support, download our monthly exams updates.

Key documents

In addition key documents are provided to support new and experienced exams officers. Documents are divided into key stages of the exams management and administration process to help exams officers understand when these resources should be utilised during the exam cycle/exam year. 

New/updated documents are added each academic year. Members can access currently available documents by clicking on the hyperlink. For upcoming documents, the date of publication is provided. Key documents are categorised as follows:

In addition to key documents, further documents/resources are provided to support exams officers. 


For details of new and experienced exams officer training, please click the logo below

The Exams Office takes no responsibility for any outcomes in schools/colleges as a result of the information provided on our website or within our documentation. It is the responsibility of schools/colleges to apply this information as they deem necessary within their own centre. You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.

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