Special Needs support


The Exams Office recommends that school staff engaged in Special Needs support to access the training courses provided by 'Communicate-ed'.


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Communicate-ed offer a wide range of high quality, accessible training for educational professionals working in the area of special needs.

Their reputation has been built upon training dealing with Examination Access Arrangements. They also offer a range of other modules providing training in various aspects of special educational need.

All of their courses are available online, with face-to-face training also offered in venues across the country.


Training for Readers, Scribes, Invigilators & Other Adult Helpers in Exams (General Qualifications)

JCQ Regulations state that “a training session should be organised for invigilators and those facilitating an access arrangement for a candidate under examination conditions”. 

This 75 minute online training course is for Teaching Assistants and other adults who support candidates with Access Arrangements in exams for General Qualifications (GCSE, FS, etc), including invigilators.  It will explain the regulations and help staff to understand how the role they play in the classroom is different from their role in the examination.

*£60 for an unlimited number of staff from the same centre*


Training for Invigilators in Exams for General Qualifications

JCQ Regulations state that “a training session should be held for new invigilators, with an update meeting each year for the existing invigilation team so that they are aware of any changes. Centres should make sure that invigilators know what is expected of them”.

This 60 minute online training course introduces the ‘Instructions for Conducting Examinations’ (ICE) booklet and covers:

  • JCQ regulations for invigilation in exams
  • The role of the lead invigilator
  • The role of the invigilator
  • What to do in difficult situations
  • Supervising written, on-screen and practical exams
  • Passing the JCQ inspection

*£50 for an unlimited number of staff from the same centre*


All online courses can be viewed at any time or place to suit your staff, individually or in a group. For a 5 minute sample of how the online training works please go to:



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Communicate-ed offer the following courses:



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