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Information and updates

(10/07/2020) The Exams Office publishes for members – Summer 2020 Summer 2020 Results and Appeals process template

(09/07/2020) JCQ announces examination dates for the autumn 2020 series

(08/07/2020) The Exams Office publishes for members – Summer 2020 guide to preparing for results day(s)

(07/07/2020) JCQ publishes GCSE, AS, A levels and VQs 2020: How it works and A Thank You from JCQ

(07/07/2020) JCQ launches JCQ Teachers Survey Summer 2020

(updated 07/07/2020) The Exams Office article – Sharing examination results with third parties and parents

(updated 07/07/2020) The Exams Office article – Student data – Sharing grades and rankings

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Latest from Ofqual

Latest from Ofqual includes:

Awarding qualifications in summer 2020 (Published 03/04/2020. Last updated 02/07/2020)

Information for schools, students and parents on how GCSE, AS, A level, vocational and technical qualifications will be graded and awarded in summer 2020 includes the following guidance documents:

  • Guidance for teachers, students, parents and carers: Summer 2020 grades for GCSE, AS and A level, Extended Project Qualification and Advanced Extension Award in maths (updated 02/07/2020 to reflect autumn 2020 consultation decision outcomes and 2021 exam series consultation proposals)
  • Information for Heads of Centre, Heads of Department and teachers on the submission of Centre assessment grades: Summer 2020 grades for GCSE, AS and A level, Extended Project Qualification and Advanced Extension Award in maths (updated 22/05/2020)
  • Letter to students – summer 2020 grading (03/04/2020)
  • Letter to students – summer 2020 grading – BSL signed (added 16/04/2020)
  • Letter to Heads of Centre – general qualifications Summer 2020 arrangements (added 12/06/2020)
  • Summer 2020 results for vocational, technical and other qualifications – Advice for teachers, trainers and tutors; learners, parents and carers; employers and professional bodies (updated 16/06/2020)
  • Guidance for Centres – The awarding of vocational and technical qualifications, and other general qualifications, in summer 2020 (added 15/05/2020)
  • Letter to Heads of Centre – Awarding results in vocational and technical qualifications in summer 2020 (added 18/06/2020)
  • Guidance for Heads of Centre, Heads of Department and teachers on objectivity in grading and ranking (added 15/05/2020)

Exceptional arrangements for assessment and grading in 2020


The Ofqual Blog Recent blogs include:

Exam system contingency plan: England, Wales and Northern Ireland (last updated 02/03/2020)


Latest from the Department for Education

Latest from the DfE includes:

Speech Education Secretary’s statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 02 July 2020 (03/07/2020)

Correspondence Arrangements for examinations and assessments in 2020/21 (02/07/2020)

Autumn exam series Responsibility for autumn GCSE, AS and A level exam series (22/05/2020) 

Collection Guidance for schools: coronavirus (COVID-19) (updated 02/07/2020) What school leaders, teachers and school staff need to do during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – a collection of documents including:

Education and childcare Guidance for teachers, school leaders, carers, parents and students including:

Education in the media blog includes Inaccurate petition on A level and GCSE grades this year (08/07/2020)

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Qualifications Wales

Coronavirus – Covid-19 Latest news and blogs

Coronavirus – Covid 19 FAQs

The latest from Qualifications Wales (updated 08/07/2020) includes:


Information for centres

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Qualifications Wales statements See statements here

Stakeholder statements See statements here

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CCEA (Northern Ireland)

Latest CCEA news

Frequently Asked Questions Summer Awarding

The latest news includes:

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Department of Education (Northern Ireland)

Department of Education releases on COVID-19 (coronavirus) provides the latest information in relation to Covid-19 (coronavirus) and its impact on education services