What is the Online Portal?

This is The Exams Office members-only area containing a range of resources designed to support exams officers in their everyday role, and to save them/their centres time and money in the management, administration and conducting of examinations.


All induction, accreditation, training and assessment modules within the Online Portal are available as part of your annual centre membership to The Exams Office.

Assessment Portal

This area of the portal provides a range of modules designed to inform, self-assess and measure the understanding of invigilators, exams officers (including exams assistants/those supporting the exams officer) and senior leaders/line managers

Member centre exams officer administrators can access all assessments and create and manage user accounts for invigilators, exams office staff and senior leaders/line managers to undertake relevant online assessments

Assessments currently include:

  • Exams Officer Digital Accreditation (EODA) – available in autumn 2021
  • Invigilator Digital Accreditation (IDA)
  • Invigilator Training and Assessment Module
  • New Exams Officer Induction and Assessment Module
  • Senior Leader/Line Manager Training and Assessment Module

Online Tools

This area of the portal provides relevant users access to the following:

Training Videos

This area of the portal provides relevant users access to a range of videos to support exams officers in their role

How to access the resources in the Online Portal

  • Login to the Online Portal
  • From the Members area select an icon to enter the required area:
    • Assessment Portal
    • Online Tools
    • Training Videos
  • Also navigate through the resources by selecting from the menu ( top right of screen)

The Exams Office takes no responsibility for any outcomes in centres as a result of the information provided on our website, Online Portal or within our documentation. It is the responsibility of centres to apply this information as they deem necessary within their own centre. You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.