The 2023 Virtual Conference is now available to all exams officers and senior leaders with responsibility for examinations and assessments within their centre

Please click the link in the button below to create an account to access the Virtual Conference platform and view keynote speeches, presentations, and exhibitor videos

Users should read the instructions on this page before accessing the Virtual Conference

User instructions/FAQs


Who can access the Virtual Conference?

Exams officers and members of the senior leadership team responsible for examinations and assessments can access the Virtual Conference by clicking this link (or the box above) and following the instructions below to create an account

If you experience any issues in accessing the 2023 Virtual Conference, please email


How can I access the Virtual Conference?

Step 1: Click the link in the box above OR visit

Step 2: Complete the form on the homepage to create an account/login. You can create as many accounts as required for staff within your centre

Step 3: The details you provide to create an account/login will need to be provided each time you log into the Virtual Conference

Step 4: From the homescreen, you have the option to view the introduction, keynote speeches, presentations or visit our virtual exhibitors

Step 5: When viewing the presentations, you also have the option to download a PDF of the slideset. Please note that some slidesets were amended/updated after filming took place, so there may be slight differences in the content of the slides compared to what is presented on video


What is available in the Virtual Conference?

Users have access to all presentations, keynote speeches and exhibitors as seen at our 2023 National Conferences


What if I have a question relating to the content of a presentation?

If you have any questions relating to the content of a particular presentation, please email the relevant organisation. If you fail to receive a reply, please email, and we will endeavour to get you an answer to your query