National Association of Examinations Officers (NAEO)


The National Association of Examinations Officers (NAEO) has now launched and is welcoming members.

Exams officers and staff involved in the management and administration of examinations can access a free membership to the NAEO for the 2021/2022 academic year by visiting the NAEO website.

NAEO memberships are valid for an academic year, and thanks to the support of The Exams Office, are available free of charge for the 2021/2022 academic year.

The NAEO provides a range of support, advice and guidance, including employment rights/legal advice, promoting mindfulness and well-being, exams officer and invigilator job descriptions, interview support, a dedicated vacancies section, a member rewards and awards programme, an online forum (to be launched during the 2022/2023 academic year), and a range of member benefits from other organisations.

The NAEO’s core aims are to:

  • Represent the views of, and issues faced by, the exams officer community
  • Support exams officers in their professional development and at centre level
  • Influence educational decision-makers when devising policy which impacts upon the exams officer community

For further information regarding the aims, objectives, structure, and the benefits of a membership to the NAEO, please visit the NAEO website.


The Exams Office will continue to support and fund the NAEO for as long as it is able to do so. This support will include the involvement of The Exams Office staff resource within the day-to-day running of the NAEO.

The support from The Exams Office will allow the NAEO to offer free membership for the 2021/22 academic year to exams officers whose centre is also a member of The Exams Office. This will be reviewed on an annual basis, and we will look to offer free academic year membership for as long as it is financially and operationally possible to do so.

Member benefits

NAEO member benefits include:

  • Employment rights/legal advice – access to general advice via articles and information contained within the organisation’s website, and support from legal experts in the event of issues at centre level
  • Personal and professional development – providing access to personal and professional development opportunities, including promotion of the Exams Officer Digital Accreditation and issuing hard copy certificates upon successful annual completion
  • Articles/videos – detailing good practice and developing key skills required in the role
  • Mindfulness and well-being – a dedicated section on techniques, advice and guidance on improving mindfulness and mental health
  • Annual summer conference – exclusive access for members-only
  • Reward and awards programme – including a monthly member prize draw
  • Online forum – to allow members to network and access advice and peer-to-peer support (to be launched during 2022/23)
  • Job descriptions – up-to-date job description templates for exams officers and invigilators
  • Interview support – good practice, advice and techniques for centres wanting to appoint an exams officer and for those wanting to be appointed to the role
  • Vacancies section – access to opportunities for career growth and progression
  • Offers and discounts from partner organisations


The NAEO is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) Limited by Guarantee. A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. Further information about CICs can be found here.

The NAEO is led by its CIC directors alongside and on behalf of its members. The directorship includes staff from The Exams Office and members of the wider exams officer community. Over the coming years, we will look to increasingly involve serving exams officers and representatives from a wider group of stakeholders to inform decision making and to support the day-to-day running of the NAEO.


The NAEO’s primary objective is to raise the profile and status of exams officers within the education sector. The NAEO will also support exams officers at centre level, and focus on the professional development of its members.

The DfE, Ofqual and JCQ are aware of the launch of the NAEO, and that it will send representatives to attend relevant meetings to represent the views of the exams officer community. The NAEO will ensure that stakeholders are able to share accurate and up-to-date information with its members.

An annual survey will be conducted to highlight areas of strength within the system and those in need of improvement. The NAEO will focus on supporting continuous improvement and will work tirelessly until change is achieved.

Professional development

A key objective of the NAEO is to promote the professional development of its members and to deliver professional standards which will serve as a set of practices, ethics, and behaviours to which all exams officers will adhere. Such standards will help to achieve its aim of raising the profile and status of the profession.

The NAEO will support The Exams Office in the launch of its Exams Officer Digital Accreditation (EODA). This qualification will be recognised and accredited by the NAEO with hard copies of certificates disseminated to exams officer members who successfully complete the EODA.

The NAEO will assume responsibility for the National Exams Officer Summer Conference from The Exams Office from summer 2022. Although it will be supported – financially and with staff resource – by The Exams Office, the NAEO will use this annual event to promote professional development and celebrate and recognise achievement across its membership.