Exams Officers

Suggested templates for an exams officer job description and person specification have been devised by The Exams Office.


Job description


The JCQ Independent Malpractice Commission

This suggested exams officer job description has been devised in response to the JCQ’s Independent Malpractice Commission (the Commission met during the 2018/19 academic year).

The Exams Office were the only organisation within the Commission representing the exams officer community and ensured the inclusion of a suggested exams officer job description within the final report to ensure that all centres recognise the significance and scale of the exams officer role.

Please see Section 11 of the Commission’s report for reference to the Exams Officer role.

This job description covers the main areas of the exams officer role, and should be used as a guide by centres when appointing an exams officer at their centre.

The suggested exams officer job description template can be adapted to meet specific centre requirements.

Exams Officer suggested job description template  (Published September 2019)



The template job description has been evaluated by UNISON under the National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) job evaluation scheme. It matches to the role profile ‘Examinations Officer level 2’ with a score of 439. This score would need to be fitted into an agreed pay and grading structure locally.

Please note that the evaluation of this template job description has been conducted by UNISON alone, rather than under the auspices of the NJC, to give an example of how a job description can be matched to the NJC role profiles.

UNISON’s matching form can be viewed here. Centres may also want to view the NJC role profiles and accompanying guidance on our Skills for Schools website.


Person specification

The Exams Office have devised an exams officer person specification template with suggested content. This should be adapted/completed by centres based upon their specific requirements.

Exams Officer suggested person specification template (Published September 2019)



The Exams Office have published a template providing an example invigilator job description which can be adapted to meet specific centre requirements.

Invigilator example job description template (Published September 2019)