The Exams Office was founded, is owned and is run by former Department for Education employees who, between them, have extensive experience in the field of exams management and administration


The experience of our founders spans the formation of the National Assessment Agency (NAA), the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) and, latterly, the Exams Delivery Support Unit (EDSU).

The Exams Office was launched in February 2014 by its founders who are very ably supported by a team of staff with extensive experience across the education, finance, human resources, IT and operations sectors.

The Exams Office currently has two other arms within its provision – Exams Training and TEOEducation.

Exams Training delivers a wide range of must-attend specialist training events and training content is devised and delivered by the experts from The Exams Office and in conjunction with the JCQ and awarding bodies.

TEOEducation offers members of The Exams Office reduced costs on a wide range of exam supplies and classroom equipment, including exam desks, exam seating, classroom furniture, secure storage and digital clocks.


Our aims

  • To support exams officers in carrying out their everyday roles by producing quality resources at a membership price which is affordable and represents excellent value for money
  • To ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained during the conducting of examinations
  • To reinvest membership revenue, year-on-year, to increase our breadth and depth of member benefits, such as increased support through online tools, online assessments and training videos

Our three core principles

  • To produce quality resources to support our members
  • To save our members time
  • To ease the pressure on member centre budgets

Our executive team

Jugjit Chima (Founder)

Head of Strategic Relationships and Stakeholder Engagement/Head of Training

Jean Passmore (Founder)

Head of Content Development and Subject Matter Expertise

Image awaited 

Jacquelyn Jones

Head of Operations and Governance