The 2019/20 tool will be available in early September 2019

Click the logo above to access the 2018/19 Key Dates Calendar

What are key dates?

These are exam administration dates and deadlines provided for centres by awarding bodies

The key dates provided by an awarding body are published on the individual awarding body website

JCQ (on behalf of AQA, CCEA, OCR, Pearson and WJEC) publishes Key dates in the examination cycle

There are key dates for the main examination series of GCSE, GCE and Project qualifications which are common to all of the JCQ awarding bodies.

These include dates for access arrangements, entries, submission of centre assessed marks, release of results and final dates for post-result services. Centre staff with teaching and administrative responsibilities will need to be aware of these dates.

Dates appear on timetables and in various awarding body and JCQ documents. However, sometimes a simple date cannot be found quickly when the need arises.

The ‘need to know’ dates for the academic year 2018/2019 are listed on pages 2-4.

(Taken directly from JCQ Key dates in the examination cycle 2018/2019)

Below are links to where the information in the tool can be viewed on each organisation’s website

It is the responsibility of centres to confirm that dates are accurate at the point of use as they may be subject to change by the originating organisation

What the tool offers

The tool offers a composite list of JCQ and the contributing awarding bodies key dates to  support exams officers in

  • identifying the key dates and deadlines that affect their centre
  • highlighting the key tasks to be undertaken
  • producing an annual exams plan

Once the required key dates are filtered (selected)  from the tool, the results can be immediately printed or alternatively exported and saved in an electronic format which can be further personalised as desired

It is recommended that centres use FirefoxSafari (if using an Apple Mac) or Edge when accessing the tool

Click the logo above to access the 2018/19 Key Dates Calendar

What the 2018/19 tool contains

The following key organisations have provided 2018/19 key dates information for inclusion in the tool

  • JCQ 
  • AQA
  • NCFE
  • OCR
  • Pearson
  • WJEC

The Exams Office thanks the above organisations for their contribution


The key dates in the tool are presented as received from JCQ and the contributing awarding bodies; however to improve the search experience for JCQ, AQA, OCR, Pearson* and WJEC key dates the ‘June‘ exam series  (used to describe the main summer May/June exam series) has been categorised under the broader term ‘Summer‘.

  • GCE and GCSE qualifications,  All (AQA)** qualifications and NCFE qualifications by type are categorised in the ‘Qualification‘ column
  • All other qualifications are categorised in this column as Other and further detail on which qualification this refers to is provided in the ‘Qual further info‘ column

*Pearson – where dates relate to qualifications that have no series (qualifications that are registered at the start of the course) the series column is blank

**All (AQA) denotes that the key date listed applies to all AQA qualifications available within that series


How to use the tool

There are a few simple guidelines to using the tool which you should note before searching for information.

  • As you access the tool’s data page, the data immediately loaded will be all the key dates held in the tool
  • Using all the data in the tool, you may want to create and personalise a key dates calendar for your centre
    • from the left hand side of the screen above the data table, select Show All entries
    • from the right hand side of the screen above the data table, select Excel or CSV
    • your exported file will pop up at the bottom of the screen; click to open, save, filter out the selections you may not require and personalise for the qualifications and exam series delivered in your centre
  • Alternatively you may want to filter by any or all of the fields: ORIGINQUALIFICATION SERIES 
    • Simply click within each field and a pop up menu will appear containing the filters available
    • Tick as many options from a menu as you require by simply clicking in the tick box, click OK
    • To remove a filter, untick the selection made or click RESET which removes all your selections from that field
    • To sort your filters in date order, click on the arrow in the DATE field column header
    • To clear all your filters in all fields, select Clear filters from above the data table
    • To view all your selections on screen, select Show All entries, then scroll down the screen to view
    • Alternatively there are 4 options for your filters (always ensuring Show All entries is selected) – Print from the webpage, export as an Excel file, export as a CSV file, or Copy (which can then be pasted into a Word or Excel document)
  • To filter on qualifications other than GCSE/GCE/AQA (All)/NCFE by qualification type, select OTHER – (ensure Show All entries is selected) export your selection then further filter under QUAL FURTHER INFO


Using the Key Dates Calendar Tool – Scenarios

Scenario 1

Your centre delivers GCSEs and A Levels with the four awarding bodies who offer them and you wish to gather all the key dates information for 2018/19 (including the JCQ common key dates) to ensure no major external deadlines are missed

  • Date– No filter required
  • Origin – select AQA, JCQ, OCR, Pearson and WJEC
  • Qualification – select GCE and GCSE
  • Series– No filter required

(Select Show All entries) Export your selected results, save, and filter out any dates that may not be applicable to your centre (as example, if your centre is unlikely to have any entries for GCSE in November 2018, filter on series – Nov-18 and delete these rows)


Scenario 2

The SENCo asks what the deadline is for requesting an enlarged paper for Spring 2019 for a candidate doing the VCert Level 2 Business and Enterprise

  • Date– No filter required
  • Origin – select NCFE
  • Qualification – select VCert
  • Qual further info – select L2 Certificate in Business and Enterprise
  • Series– select Spring-19

From your selected results, scroll down the ‘Description‘ column to find the  Modified Paper (Coloured/Enlarged) Request Deadline

The Exams Office takes no responsibility for any outcomes in centres as a result of the information provided on our website or within our documentation. It is the responsibility of centres to apply this information as they deem necessary within their own centre. You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.