About A2C

Information taken from the JCQ website

The A2C programme is bringing significant improvements to the way data is shared between awarding organisations and centres

The programme is being delivered by JCQCIC, its awarding organisations and MIS Suppliers in collaboration and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders

If a centre does not use a management information system (MIS) for exams administration and processing it will not be affected directly by A2C; all JCQ Awarding Organisations will continue to support their existing secure extranet sites


Key dates

  • Academic Years 2019-21: Vocational Qualifications Rollout
  • Some JCQ Awarding Organisations will continue to use EDI for General Qualifications (GCSE and GCE); there is therefore currently no defined cutoff for EDI



As the A2C programme progresses, changes have been made to the way centres are supported. Queries from centres and other interested parties are now handled by individual awarding organisations. If you have queries regarding A2C, in the first instance please refer to the FAQs here.