Launched in January 2020, the module will be annually updated on an academic year basis

What the module offers

The module is designed to support senior leaders/line managers (with responsibility for exams/the exams officer) by informing and measuring understanding of JCQ regulations and key tasks that may need to be undertaken by them/their exams officer in the management and administration of the exams process

What the module provides

By completing this module, senior leaders/line managers will be able to support their exams office/officer through the exam cycle

The module is devised to:

  • inform senior leaders/line managers of the key aspects of each stage of the exam cycle (see below)
  • support senior leaders/line managers in ensuring that key exams-related tasks are completed in their centre
  • recognise the understanding/knowledge of senior leaders/line managers

What the module contains

Five assessment sections take a user through the following stages of the exam cycle:

  • planning
  • entries
  • pre-exams (exam preparation)
  • exam time
  • results and post-results

When and how the module should be completed

The module should be completed throughout the academic year before each stage of the exam cycle is undertaken in your centre

Senior leaders/line managers should read the information, download the ‘self-assessment’ (meet with their exams officer to confirm that all tasks are in hand/have been completed) and complete the assessment

Below is an indicative timeline (based on the summer series exam cycle) of when each unit could be be completed:


Section Read information

Complete self-assessment 

(meet with exams officer)

Complete assessment
Planning September September September/October
Entries November November November/December
Pre-exams (exam preparation) January February February/March
Exam time March March April
Results and post-results April April May

How long should it take to complete the module?

The module is designed to be completed throughout the academic year

Each section will require the following to ensure completion:

  • Read the information – approximately 20-30 minutes (this will be longer if additional information is acquired via the hyperlinks)
  • Confirm the statements in the self-assessment – this will require a meeting with your exams officer which may last approximately one hour
  • Complete the assessment – if all five questions are answered correctly at the first attempt this should take no more than 10 minutes

User instructions

Verify your user account

  • When your exams officer creates a user account for you, you should immediately receive an automated Verify account email to the email address recorded in your account (check your spam/junk inbox)
  • Follow the instructions in the email to verify your account

Log in

  • When you have verified your account and set up your secure password you will immediately receive a further automated Account set-up confirmation email providing a click link to log in
  • On logging in, you will see the Assessments screen
  • Select the module you are to undertake and click on the button to start the assessment

Follow the instructions

  • Read and understand the Assessment Guide (these are the instructions you should follow to undertake and complete the module) and the Assessment Objectives 
  • Follow the steps described to undertake and complete your assessment

If you encounter any problems

  • Please report these to your exams officer NOT The Exams Office

Completing the assessment

  • At the end of each section information page you are required to complete a confirmation statement which is designed as a self-assessment tool
  • At the end of each section you are required to answer randomly selected assessment questions from a ‘bank’ of  questions
  • You may refer to JCQ, The Exams Office or other relevant support materials when answering the questions
  • You will be directed to the correct response for any questions answered incorrectly
  • By restarting a section, can attempt the questions as many times as required 
  • An assessment can only be submitted when 100% success has been achieved 
  • Once you complete all  sections of the assessment and have achieved 100% success, you should submit the assessment for your exams officer to print the assessment certificate

The exams officer will also be able to print off an assessment details document which confirms the content of the assessment completed by the user


(Member centre) SLT/line manager users click above to log into the Online Portal to access the module

The Exams Office takes no responsibility for any outcomes in centres as a result of the information provided on our website, Online Portal or within our documentation. It is the responsibility of centres to apply this information as they deem necessary within their own centre. You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.