Exam training videos


Each academic year, The Exams Office produces a range of training videos to support exams officers in their role

These videos cover the management, administration and conducting of examinations

The following categories of video are available:

  • Managing an exam series
  • Actions for Autumn
  • Exam Changes 
  • Invigilator Training Presentation
  • Invigilator Training Videos


Exam support videos

The following are available:

  • Invigilator Announcement 
  • Instructions for Candidates

How to access the videos

  • Login to the Online Portal
  • From the Members (Resources) area select Training Videos
  • Select Filter by Category
  • Select a category, for example Managing an exam series

Video details

Exam Changes 2021/2022

This series of videos highlight exam regulation changes for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Areas covered include:

  • Changes in the following JCQ publications
    • General Regulations for Approved Centres
    • Instructions for conducting examinations
    • Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (where relevant to the exams officer role)
  • Post-16 Education Reform – T-levels
  • The Exams Office – 2021/2022 support update
  • National Association of Examinations Officers (NAEO) – 2021/2022 support update

Actions for Autumn

This series of videos supports exams officers through the main tasks from October to February.

Areas covered include:

  • Exam planning
  • Exam entries
  • Confidential exam materials
  • Briefing candidates and staff
  • Access arrangements
  • Centre inspections
  • Exam policies
  • Managing and recruiting invigilators
  • Private candidates

Managing an exam series (Spring into Summer)

This series of videos supports exams officers in managing an exam series.

Areas covered include:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Exam entries
  • Confidential exam materials
  • Timetabling, rooming and seating plans
  • Access arrangements
  • Training and preparing invigilators
  • Briefing candidates
  • Contingency planning
  • Before, and at the beginning of, the exam
  • During the exam
  • At the end of, and after, the exam
  • Packing and dispatching exam scripts
  • Managing results day
  • Post-Results

Instructions for Candidates

An animated video detailing Instructions for Candidates is now available for member centres to show to students ahead of an examination series.

The video highlights the rules which apply before, during and after an examination as defined in JCQ’s Instructions for conducting examinations (Appendix 5 – see note below).

By viewing this video, students will be supported in ensuring that they are fully prepared for every examination.


Please note: This video does not cover sections B1, B2, B3 and E1 of Appendix 5 (Information for candidates for written examinations – effective from 1 September 2021) of JCQ’s Instructions for conducting examinations.

To support the delivery of this video also refer to use of the ‘Instructions for Candidates’ briefing template

Invigilator Training Videos

A series of JCQ-compliant online video clips incorporating the latest rules and regulations relating to invigilation which will support exams officer in delivering their a centre-devised invigilator training session.

These video and animation clips have been created to enable exams officers who deliver their own presentation to include these videos to confirm key JCQ information and highlight scenarios of specific situations which will stimulate discussion during their invigilator training session.

Commentary within these clips has been updated for use in the 2021/22 academic year in line with relevant JCQ publications.

Areas covered in the invigilator training videos include:

  • Section 1 (ICE, section 12)
    • The role of an invigilator
  • Section 2 (ICE, sections 9 – 11)
    • The examination room
    • Candidate resources/materials
  • Section 3 (ICE, sections 16, 17 & 18)
    • At the beginning of/before the examination
      • Identifying candidates
      • The People Present
      • Question papers, stationery, materials and other equipment
  • Section 4 (ICE, section 19)
    • Starting the examination
  • Section 5 (ICE, sections 20-25)
    • During the examination
      • Supervising the candidates
      • Candidates who arrive late
      • Completing the attendance register
      • Leaving the examination room
    • Dealing with malpractice
    • Dealing with emergencies
  • Section 6 (ICE, sections 26 & 27)
    • At the end of the examination
      • Finishing the examination
      • Collecting scripts
  • Section 7 (AA/RA, section 5)
    • Access arrangements – invigilating and facilitating access arrangements (prompter, practical assistant etc.)
      • The role of a reader – animation
      • The role of a scribe – animation
  • Section 8 (ICE, Appendix 1)
    • Conducting on-screen tests
      • Security and timetabling of tests
      • Use of calculators
      • Resources
      • Accommodation
      • Invigilation arrangements
      • Emergencies
      • Finishing the examination
  • Section 9 – Instructions for conducting examinations regulation changes for the 2021/2022 academic year

Invigilator Announcement

A suggested announcement given at the start of written examinations reflecting appendix 3 of JCQ’s Instructions for conducting examinations

This may be of particular use in centres where invigilators are wearing a face covering and may not be heard clearly by candidates

If using this announcement, invigilators should also be issued with the Invigilator Announcement Instructions which provide detail on how to control the recording along with other relevant information

MP3 version of the announcement also available here