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Supporting exams officers and data staff in their everyday roles


The Exams Office is an independent organisation offering the most comprehensive support available for new and experienced exams officers


We work in collaboration with major awarding organisations - including OCR, Pearson and Cambridge International Examinations - and the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) 


The Exams Office has replaced the support previously provided by the Department for Education and is the largest exams support organisation in the UK


To gain instant access to the members-only sections of our website please acquire a centre membership today


Membership rates are £125 (+VAT) discounted from £245 (+VAT) for OCR, Pearson & CIE centres


Membership includes FREE attendance to our annual National Professional Development Conferences held in January and July


Members and non-members can also access our FREE  Professional Development Programme including our New Exams Officers Induction Plan       


Why join The Exams Office?


Delivering a new era of Exams Officer/Data Manager support, The Exams Office...

  • is managed by ex-DfE staff with expertise in exams management and administration
  • works with all key stakeholders - including the major awarding bodies and JCQ - to deliver practical, everyday support to the exams officer community
  • offers exclusive online tools, quality support materials and training from leading exams experts.

The Exams Office is the only organisation offering free attendance to two National Professional Development Conferences per year and a free-to-access Professional Development Programme and New Exams Officer Induction Plan


Click on the links below for our free to download exams and education updates:


The Exams Office also provides:


In recent months, the following has also been included as part of your membership:

  • Policy Generator - further JCQ-required policies and documents
  • Invigilation videos - a range of online videos incorporating JCQ regulation to support members in the delivery of invigilation training. These further supplement the most comprehensive library of invigilation support materials in the UK which is currently available on our website
  • Professional Development Programme & New Exams Officer Induction Plan - a month-by-month guide to the exams officer role, 'success milestones/criteria', professional/career development, leading edge practice hints and tips 
  • Exams Timetable Tool and Key Dates Calendar - updated and renewed for the 2016/17 academic year
  • Provisional TImetable Tool - an online tool to help members tentatively plan for exams and contribute to JCQ consultation

 ...plus FREE attendance to our Professional Development Conferences

  The Exams Office is the only exams-related organisation which offers this level of support to the exams office community


By submitting a membership form for instant access, not only are gaining immediate support in your everyday role, you are also saving time, and easing the pressure on your school budget.


The Exams Office meets the everyday needs of the exams officer community at a cost of just £125* for a 12-month centre membership


How do I become a member of The Exams Office?


To acquire membership please visit our Membership page. A 12-month membership is £195 (plus VAT), however, you will be eligible for a discounted 12-month membership of £125 (plus VAT) if you:

  • engage in any Pearson/Edexcel qualifications, or
  • engage in any OCR qualifications, 
  • engage in any Cambridge International Qualification**


This is a centre membership with an additional login facility, and therefore, can be utilised by an exams office assistant, your Data Manager/staff and members of your Senior Leadership Team. The Exams Office meets the needs of new and experienced exams officers, and data staff with practical everyday support.

We are confident that once you join The Exams Office, you will find that we deliver on our core principles which are to:

  • produce leading edge support materials produced by a team of exams/data experts,
  • save you time in your everyday role,
  • ease pressure on your school budget.



* £125 membership does not include VAT and is a discounted rate if you qualify based on the critria listed above. Full membership price is £245 (+vat)

* * The information contained on this website relating to Cambridge International Qualifications is only relevant for UK centres 



The Exams Office takes no responsibility for any outcomes in schools/colleges as a result of the information provided on our website or within our documentation. It is the responsibility of schools/colleges to apply this information as they deem necessary within their own centre. You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.



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