Launching in 2021

What the accreditation offers

During the initial scoping phase, the Exams Officer Digital Accreditation (EODA) was referred to as the Exams Officer Qualification. The change from using the term ‘qualification’ to ‘accreditation’ was made after consultation with key stakeholders and assessment experts.

By successfully completing the EODA, exams officers are confirming knowledge and understanding of exam regulations which, as far as key stakeholders are concerned, qualifies them to undertake the role of exams officer within their centre.

There are also aspects of the role which are centre specific and cannot be assessed by an online timed assessment. Therefore, the use of the term ‘accreditation’ rather than ‘qualification’ is more appropriate, as this assessment will:

  • recognise an individual as being qualified to perform the functions relating to the exams officer role as defined by the JCQ, the awarding bodies and Ofqual
  • raise the status of the role within the education sector
  • support heads of centre in ensuring that the integrity and security of examinations is maintained within their centres

Further details will be provided on launch