Training your invigilators


Below are the range of options offered by The Exams Office to centres/exams officers to help you train your invigilators.

In-house Invigilator Training

The Exams Office offers a training session for new and experienced invigilators delivered in your centre by one of our trainers.

For JCQ inspection purposes, certificates will be available for all participants

The following areas are covered during each session:

  • The qualities required to invigilate
  • Invigilation arrangements
    • The role of an invigilator
    • What does the JCQ expect of me as an invigilator?
    • What invigilators must/must not do
  • Preparing for the examination
  • At the beginning of the examination
  • During the examination (including dealing with irregularities, malpractice and emergencies)
  • At the end of and after the examination
  • Instructions for conducting on-screen tests (optional)
  • Exam regulation changes for the current academic year
  • Invigilating and facilitating access arrangement candidates (including the roles/rules – of a reader, scribe, practical assistant, prompter – and other main access arrangements)


The cost of this training will be confirmed by your trainer (dependent on time and distance of travel to training venue)

Below is an indication of the minimum cost:

  • 25 invigilators or less from £325 (Non-members from £395)
  • 26 – 50 invigilators from £425 (Non-members from £495)
  • 50+ invigilators from £9 per invigilator (Non-members from £12 per invigilator)


For more details email

Meeting JCQ requirements

All online and face-to-face training offered by The Exams Office is in line with JCQ requirements. Content, as detailed in the INVIGILATOR TRAINING RECORD TEMPLATE, is taken directly from the relevant JCQ publications, in particular, Instructions for conducting examinations.

Certification is offered for all online invigilator training and assessment modules to confirm understanding of the regulations and any changes for the current academic year.

This ensures that centres not only meet, but go beyond the JCQ stipulation to hold training sessions/update meetings and to retain a record of the training given to invigilators and those facilitating access arrangements, whilst also meeting requirements for inspection purposes.

Online Training and Assessment

(Option 1) INVIGILATOR TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT MODULE – non-timed units designed to inform and measure understanding

(Option 2) INVIGILATOR DIGITAL ACCREDITATION (IDA) – a timed assessment designed to assess and measure understanding

Access to both options is included within your centre membership to The Exams Office

Training Presentation

(Option 1) INVIGILATOR TRAINING VIDEOS – Deliver training via videos recorded by our trainers to invigilators in your centre (including Facilitating and Invigilating Access Arrangements and Conducting on-screen tests training videos)

(Option 2) PowerPoint presentation Customise and deliver a presentation to invigilators in your centre

Access to both options is included within your centre membership to The Exams Office

Regulation Changes Training  – Online via Zoom/Teams

Bookings are being taken for an online Zoom/Teams session with one of our subject matter experts to update your experienced invigilators/existing invigilation teams in JCQ regulation changes for the current academic year.

For JCQ inspection purposes, electronic copies of certificates will be forwarded for all participants

This session will cover all changes in JCQ’s Instructions for conducting examinations publication which are relevant to invigilators in the conducting of examinations, and will meet JCQ requirements for ‘an update meeting to be held for the existing invigilation team so that they are aware of any changes‘.

If time permits, other centre-specific invigilation related issues/areas can also be addressed. These must be agreed prior to the session between the exams officer and the trainer.

This online training session will reduce costs for centres, and save time for exams officers and invigilators.

Additional information:

  • Cost – £95 (+vat)
  • No. of delegates – unlimited
  • Time – Approximately one hour depending on number of regulation changes – this includes covering all relevant changes and answering questions from invigilators. The session can also be extended to address centre-specific issues – this will need to be confirmed at the time of booking
  • Logistics – Teams/Zoom meeting can be arranged by the exams officer or our trainer. Certificates will be forwarded to the exams officer upon receipt of the delegate list and within 7 days of the session
  • Booking – Email for more details or to book your session for the 2021/2022 academic year

Neither The Exams Office or our trainers take any responsibility for the actions of invigilators in examinations following this training. Trainers will deliver a pre-defined training programme, and it is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that invigilators are familiar with the specific centre requirements.