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Recent blogs include:

(10/05/2019) Exams are starting Last blog before summer exams start to share our final hints and tips for students

(03/05/2019) Using NRT evidence this summer


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A summary of Ofqual’s work on general qualifications – sent out at least once a term

(28/03/2019) Issue 17 – March 2019 Helping to run a successful summer series now available


Specifically written for exams officers and other interested staff members in schools and colleges (the Exam matters newsletter will supersede 9 to 1 news this year when the vast majority of 9 to 1 reforms will be through)

Regulating GCSEs, AS and A levels: guide for schools and colleges

Explains how Ofqual regulates exam boards that provide GCSEs, AS and A levels, what schools and colleges can expect from ​exam boards and what exam boards, in turn, expect from schools and colleges

Qualifications reform – Ofqual communications


AS and A level changes and reforms

GCSE changes and reforms    Get the facts: GCSE reforms 

Qualifications reform: resources for teachers

Ofqual postcards: GCSE, AS and A level reforms, with an emphasis on current reforms to qualifications in England 

Videos about GCSE 9–1 grading 

Supporting Exams Officers

(28/03/2019) Ofqual is has created some resources to help support Exams Officers in their roles, including:

a film about the role of the Exams Officer to raise awareness of the important work they do among other centre staff and parents

a personal checklist students can use ahead of each exam

to help share ideas, a list of the various measures some EOs use to keep mobile phones out of exam rooms

You can find these, along with other exam resources, here



(10/12/2018) JCQ responses to Ofqual webinar for exams officers (held on 13 November 2018)

(13/11/2018) Webinar for Exams OfficersWhen things go right: A wider perspective of the exams system  Recording and transcript available here

The Exams Office has been working closely with Ofqual over recent years and welcomes Ofqual’s attempt to raise the profile of exams officers, and increase awareness of exams regulations and requirements

To further develop our positive collaborative working relationship, we will be further meeting with Ofqual and would like to thank Ofqual for attending our Winter 2019 conferences as a keynote speaker providing an update on Our work with Exams Officers 

Ofqual updates

(24/05/2019) Provisional entries for GCSE, AS and A level: summer 2019 exam series Number of provisional entries by age group and subject for GCSEs, Level 1/ Level 2, AS and A levels in England for the summer 2019 exam series