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The Exams Office encourages centres to read the The Ofqual blog


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A summary of Ofqual’s work on general qualifications – sent out at least once a term

Specifically written for exams officers and other interested staff members in schools and colleges

Qualifications reform – Ofqual communications


AS and A level changes and reforms

GCSE changes and reforms     

Qualifications reform: resources for teachers

Ofqual postcards: GCSE, AS and A level reforms, with an emphasis on current reforms to qualifications in England 

This summer most students will have received a mixture of letter and number grades – you can find the full list of reformed subjects being awarded for the first time in summer 2018 here

Videos about the GCSE 9–1 grading scale and combined science grading in particular


Regulating GCSEs, AS and A levels: guide for schools and colleges

explains how Ofqual regulates exam boards that provide GCSEs, AS and A levels, what schools and colleges can expect from ​exam boards and what exam boards, in turn, expect from schools and colleges

The Exams Office has been working closely with Ofqual over recent years and welcomes Ofqual’s attempt to raise the profile of exams officers, and increase awareness of exams regulations and requirements

To further develop our positive collaborative working relationship, we will be further meeting with Ofqual and would like to thank Richard Garrett, Director of Policy & Strategic Relationships for General Qualifications, for attending our Summer conference as a keynote speaker

Ofqual presentation  at The Exams Office conference July 2018: Combatting malpractice – The vital role of the Exams Officer