Supporting you in your new role

The Exams Office is the only organisation offering such bespoke support for those new to the role, including support resourcestraining events and an online assessment specifically geared to those recently appointed to the post of exams officer/manager


Support resources for new exams officers

Resources are available to members by clicking on the link unless (free access) indicates content is available to non-members

 Induction support guide for new exams officers    

Designed to support new exams officers starting in role (at any point in the academic year) in driving forward their own induction to the centre and to the exams process

Monthly support guides for new exams officers

September to August guides describe the key aspects (key tasks and key dates) of the role in terms of the exams management and administration process that should be focused on each month

Each guide is published by the beginning of the month it relates to


Key documents

Provided for new and experienced exams officers

Documents are provided as guides and templates divided into the stages of the exam cycle helping exams officers to understand when these could be useful during the exam process

Guides provide overviews of processes and regulations, highlight key tasks and promote good practice

Templates provide a starting point for undertaking/completing a key task or process and may be customised for use in a centre

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For further month to month support, read our (free access) monthly update 

Exams key terms glossary

When dealing with exams/assessment there are many key terms/acronyms which are used and need to be understood; this glossary is provided to help exams officers understand the ‘language’ of exams and assessment


The Exams Office only recommends training events offered by our partner organisation – Exams Training

Training is available for:

  • New Exams Officers
  • Experienced Exams Officers
  • SLT/Line Managers
  • Invigilators

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Online assessments

The Exams Office launches a New Exams Officer Induction and Assessment Module

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The Exams Office takes no responsibility for any outcomes in centres as a result of the information provided on our website or within our documentation. It is the responsibility of centres to apply this information as they deem necessary within their own centre. You should always contact/refer to the relevant awarding body for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their qualifications.